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Ribbon Blender Mixing & Blending Applications

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We have a quality collection of Blenders, which is idyllically utilized for mixing a large quantity of solids, granules and powder homogenously. These blenders are sturdily designated from the optimum quality raw materials and advanced techniques to make sure even blending of the materials by moving them in distinguished ways. Our product range is extensively renowned for its unique attributes including precise material mixing, dust proof construction, special shaft sealing, flame protected motor, quick material mixing and easy cleaning. The blenders are ideally used for blending products like fire retardants, resins, dyes, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, adhesives and milk powder.


The Ribbon Blenders offered by us are technologically designed to make them useable with dry materials, nevertheless liquid and gas stream can be added. These blenders are developed by using optimum grade stainless steel, carbon steel and alloys along with the incorporation of transmission parts, U-shaped cylinder and double ribbon agitators. In this processing of blending the material by rotation, the outer ribbon pushes the materials from both ends to the centre and at the same time, the inner ribbon pushes material from centre to both ends. The blending machines have ribbon wind with divergent angles that allow the materials to be carried out in different directions. With the continuous convective circulation, the materials get sheared and mixed thoroughly and rapidly.


  • Dust proof design
  • Product temperature can be measured
  • Equipped with agitator for centre discharge
  • Manually operated or pneumatic operated flap valve
  • Equipped with worm reduction gearbox
  • Accomplished with single speed drive
  • Squirrel cage, three phase induction motors idyllic for 415 volts, 50 HZ
  • Working capacity ranges between 5liters and 30000 liters


  • Epoxy resins
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • PVC
  • Fire retardants
  • Bakery premixes
  • Dyes
  • Abrasives
  • Food items

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Designs available for ribbon blenders

  • Vacuum or pressure construction
  • Spray nozzle for liquid introduction
  • Lump brakers for solid material size reduction
  • Horse power suitable for high density material
  • Sanitary type construction
  • Provided with cover openings
  • Accomplished with spherical and flush type ball discharge valve

Technical Specifications

Models Specification Parameters
Working Capacity(m3) Working Capacity(kg) Power(KW) Speed(RPM) L W H Weight
ABF RB-0.1 0.18 200 4 41 2280 680 880 550
ABF RB-0.3 0.3 300 5.5 41 2670 780 1240 900
ABF RB-0.6 0.6 600 11 33 3140 980 1400 1600
ABF RB-1 1.2 1200 15 33 3860 1200 1650 2700
ABF RB-1.8 1.8 1800 18.5 33 4460 1300 1700 3600
ABF RB-2.4 2.4 2500 22 27 4950 1400 2000 4200
ABF RB-3 3 3000 30 27 5280 1550 2100 5100
ABF RB-3.6 3.6 3600 37 27 5530 1560 2200 5600
ABF RB-5 4.8 4800 45 22 5100 1720 2500 6500
ABF RB-6 6 6000 45 22 5610 1750 2650 7800
ABF RB-9 9 9000 55 14 5820 2000 2900 11000
ABF RB-12 12 12000 75 14 6060 2350 3160 13000
ABF RB-18 18 15000 110 12 6200 2500 3350 16000
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