Stainless Steel Sigma Mixer Machine

Stainless Steel Sigma Mixer


This is a Stainless Steel Sigma Mixer Machine ,Sigma Mixer (twin arm mixer cum kneader) can also be called as Universal Mixer, can be used for mixing of products in various phases i.e. free flowing solids, liquids, light pastes, heavy pastes and dough. The ideal use is however for the last two applications. General Construction and operation: The equipment basically consists of a horizontal trough having "w" cross- section formed by joining of two opposing "J's" at their shorter arm. Each "J" houses a mixing element or arm supported by anti friction bearings mounted on heavy-duty side plates on either end of the trough. Both the Arms contra rotate towards each other generally at different speeds.

The mixing action is a combination of - bulk movement, smearing, Stretching, folding, dividing and recombining as the product being processed is squeezed between - the mixing arms and side walls; mixing arms and the center saddle and between the two mixing arms. The mixing arms have a helical profile along their length to achieve end-to-end movement of the product being processed. Depending upon the application different types of arm configuration can be provided. However the Sigma type is the one popularly used.


  • Adhesives-including rubber solutions, hot melts and epoxy putties, Artificial Leather, Brake Lining (Friction Clutch), Chemical, Ceramic, Confectionery-(chocolate, biscuit, chewing gum, etc.), color flushing, detergent and soap, dyes and pigment, fiber glass (dough molding compound), food, graphite electrode, lead storage battery, lubricant (wire drawing lubricant and general grease), magnetic coating, plastic, pharmaceutical, paint, printing ink, solid rocket propellant etc. industries
  • The equipment can be supplied with different material of construction for contact parts like carbon steel, wear resistant steel, stainless steels to AISI-304 or AISI –316, aluminium
  • Choice of operating conditions - The container can be designed for operating under positive pressure or under vacuum and can be provided with jacket for heating or cooling the products being processed, based on the criticality of application the sealing arrangement where the mixing arm enters the trough can be designed to have single stuffing box or double opposed stuffing box, sanitary type seals, mechanical seals.
  • With low head room also popularly known as Sigma Mixture used for preparation of heavy viscous pastes, dough etc.
Standard Specifications:
    Model ABFRB200 ABFRB300ABFRB500ABFRB1000ABFRB1500ABFRB2000
 Full  Volume200L300L500L1000L1500L2000L
Turning Speed46rpm46rpm46rpm46rpm46rpm46rpm
Mixing Vessel3mm3mm3mm4mm5mm6mm
Wall  Plate6mm8mm8mm8mm8mm12mm
Main Shaft 57*676*676*889*8102*8114*10
Mixing Blade 6mm6mm6mm8mm10mm12mm
Whole Length140015301700200024002600
Whole Width90010001200130014001500
Total Height145015501700196020502200
Total Weight250KGS350KGS500KGS700KGS1000KGS1300KGS
Total Power4KW5.5KW7.5KW11KW15KW22KW
Air Consumption4-6Bars
Power Supply3 P  AC208-415V  50/60HZ