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Abster™ Equipment-

Abster™ BLENDERS is the technology-driven flagship brand of Abster™ Equipment, which is the prominent Original Equipment manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of world-class powder and liquid mixing equipment from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. 

We started with the two small manufacturing units in the city of Ahmedabad, which is the epicenter of Industrial Machinery Manufacturing and Fabrication engineering works in INDIA. 

The brand 'Abster™ Blenders', is considered as India’s leading 'Original Equipment Manufacturer', supplier, exporter of large-scale ribbon mixers, spiral ribbon blenders, mass mixers, high shear mixers, sigma mixers, tumbler mixers, double cone mixers, v shape mixers, paddle mixers, double shaft mixers, planetary mixers, octagonal blenders, Stirrer Machine, Liquid Mixers.

Abster™ Equipment has established the image of delivering the best cost-effective and right technical solution in the process of homogeneous mixing and uniform blending of different types of dry powders as well as semi-solids, liquid, suspension, Syrup, and chemical formulation for many turnkey R & D projects and medicine manufacturing plant across India.

We always believe that the process of uniform-homogenous mixing is the main parameter behind the success and performance of the end product.

We have gained the trust of our customer as a reputed Indian manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of technological mass mixing equipment, grinding equipment, grading equipment, and drying equipment and system.

Our considerable success in manufacturing RIBBON BLENDER and other range of Powder Mixing Equipment is the result of the continuous innovation of our team and our long-standing relationships with every customer.

Our whole range of ribbon blenders and mass mixers starts from 5Liter working volume capacity to the 25000 LITERS which are versatile, rustproof, robust, reliable, and easy to operate, easy to clean and comply with all cGMP guidelines and ISO standards.