Vibro Sifter machine
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Vibro Sifter

The Vibro Sifter machine works on the principle of gyratory vibrations. The material is separated based on its particle size. Once the motor gets energized, vibration is caused in the screen/sieve making the material travel across the sieves according to its particle size.

In three different planes, the development of vibration along the vertical axis utilizing a specially designed vibratory motor that meets various output requirements. It causes 100% rotary motion and causes dispersion stirring & amp; stratification of material to sift. Feed material flows in Horizontal movement along with a loop pattern on Vibroscreen.

Salient Features :

  • Ideal For Gradation & Separation Of Dry Powder, Granules, And Semi Solids / Liquids.
  • The sieves are suspended on a spring to avoid vibration on the floor.
  • We can increase the number of decks as per requirement.
  • Easy Dismantling & Cleaning.
  • Ball tray arrangement. (For choking of sieves).
  • Rubber molded sieve as optional.

Technical Specification :

Model 12" 20" 30" 36" 48"
SCREENS SS 316/304 SS 316/304 SS 316/304 SS 316/304 SS 316/304
SCREEN DIA. 335 mm 520 mm 750 mm 950 mm 1220 mm
CAPACITY/HOUR* 20 to 70 Kgs 20 to 140 Kgs 30 to 250 Kgs 80 to 300 Kgs 200 to 400 Kgs
CHARGING HEIGHT 1080 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 1050 mm
DISCHARGE HEIGHT 625 mm 750 mm 750 mm 750 mm 500 mm
ELECTRIC MOTOR 0.25 HP Vibratory Motor 0.25 HP Vibratory Motor 0.5 HP Vibratory Motor 0.5 HP Vibratory Motor 1.5 HP Vibratory Motor
NET WEIGHT* 70 Kgs 150 Kgs 170 Kgs 200 Kgs 225 Kgs
MACHINE DIMENSION 750 mm x 750 mm 1120 mm x 1120 mm 1360 mm x 1360 mm 1550 mm x 1550 mm 1950 mm x 1950 mm

Working Principle of Vibro Sifter

A Vibro sifter is basic hardware, notwithstanding, its development and working rule might be very trying for the vast majority. Before we audit the working standard of the Vibro sifter machine, we should examine some basic segments of the machine i.e. Great Springs. The primary reason for these springs includes the fact that it permits the whole upper part of the machine to vibrate unreservedly. It limits power utilization. Goes about as a damper; for example, forestalling any transmission of vibration to the floor

Vibro Sifter is utilized for screening, sieving, reviewing for strong fluid partition, cycle to isolate the ideal components and the undesired components from the blend of strong to strong (where two solids are by and large having various properties) and strong to fluid material. It utilized in different businesses, for example, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Cosmetics, plastics, paints, plastic, minerals, elastic mixes, metal powders, cleansers, pesticides, and manures, dyestuff, and colors 


Vibro sifter comprises of a screen set on the base plate appended halfway to the gyratory engine. The material took care of through the channel situated on the top is dropped on the screen. The particles more modest than the cross-section size passes from the screen and the bigger measured particles are delivered through a source. The mix of vibratory engine and the loads set on top and lower part of the screen gives the ideal filtration or division of the material. The absolute gathering is mounted on reasonable springs so it turns into a free-body that vibrates without separating any vibrations to the establishments. 

The Vibro Sifter machine chips away at the guideline of gyratory vibrations. The material is isolated based on its molecule size. When the engine gets empowered, vibration is caused in the screen/strainer making the material to traverse the sifters as indicated by its molecule size. To forestall transmission of vibration to the floor, the strainers are suspended on a spring.